Case Studies

Personal Trainer

Jen is a qualified personal trainer and has been her own boss for 3 years. She usually meets her clients at a couple of local parks to take them through their weekly training sessions. She has a loyal set of customers who love her hands-on approach and encouragement to meet their fitness goals. 

Previously Jen would work during the week and spend time on the weekends emailing invoices to clients for the previous weekly sessions. She always nominated her bank account for payment and had not offered credit payments as an option.

Jen recently discovered PayNowlink which allows her to send a payment link to each client at the end of the training session with just a few clicks on her phone. No more manual invoicing. Clients can pay online quickly and easily using a credit card and get an emailed receipt. Jen’s administration time has been significantly reduced and her cash flow improved due to customers paying her in a shorter period of time.

Café Pronto

Café Pronto is known for its great coffee and friendly service. The café has recently started offering customers a super express option for getting their coffee fix. Customers can text their orders through to the café and collect their coffee at the cafes express window. 

When an order is received via text a link to pay is immediately sent back to the customer for payment and the order confirmed. The customer pays using the link and receives an emailed receipt. No cash or payments are needed at pickup which saves both the customer time and is more efficient for the café. The café can reconcile all the payments easily using the Stripe reporting tools.

JM Mowing

John has operated his lawn mowing and garden maintenance business in his local area for the past 5 years. On average he attends 5 jobs per day and uses the remaining time to do his administration tasks, service his equipment and talk to current and prospective clients.
John used to have an invoice book in his car and would leave a paper invoice for his services in each customer’s letter box. He manually entered these invoices into his accounting system each afternoon when he returned to his home office. Now he generates a payment link with one click using PayNowlink and sends it to each customer at the completion of the job. Once a week he prints out his Stripe account payments for reconciliation. Less accounting time, more convenience.